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WaveTrackR is a free job board management and distribution tool that will allow you to get the most from your media choices.

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What is WaveTrackR?

WaveTrackR is a job board management and distribution tool that will allow you to get the most from your media choices. From making more placements to reducing costs, WaveTrackR will make advertising on job boards, faster and easier.
With WaveTrackR you’ll keep all your advertising in one place, compare ROI, negotiate harder, invest more wisely and stay in complete control of your media.
As well as posting your jobs for you, WaveTrackR also tracks performance and provides analytics on which boards are working for you and uniquely which boards you're likely to make the most hires from.

"RARK Solutions have recently switched to WaveTrackR and have been very impressed with how powerful a tool it is. Not only is it intuitive to use and quick to get our ads out to market but it’s been highly cost effective. On top of that we now have a much clearer picture of how our online advertising is working for us in real time, a measure of cost/benefit and a great facility to manage our responses. We can’t recommend it highly enough."

Rhys Larkins - RARK Solutions


The end of "Spray and Pray"

Our WaveTrackR Recommends system will utilise the data we hold to provide you with real-time information on which media is most likely to generate the most applications and importantly, where you'll hire. With this information, you can save thousands by only advertising on boards that perform for your jobs.

Effective free job distribution tool

WaveTrackR is designed to be simple to use; allowing users to post quickly to their chosen job board contracts which will update in real time, and generate quality applications immediately. Our easy to use system allows you to view, edit and post to multiple job boards, your own website and social media channels.

Track media contracts

WaveTrackR will house everything you need to know about a particular contract, including costs, user information, contacts, inventory levels, burn and expiry dates. Compare the performance of the media with clicks and application numbers to keep you on top of your marketing. You need never run out of credits unexpectedly again!

See cost per hire by media

Our unique hiring module allows you to input your hiring information which then correctly allocates to the right media choice. You can then see exactly what job board produces the most hires from each job posting. Great for budgeting and negotiating.

"We were using a leading multi-poster, but when Wave approached us with an alternative that was very similar, we thought we’d give it a go. We haven’t been disappointed, as the system is easy for all our Consultants to use and post jobs to our website and multiple job boards at once. Wave have regularly been in touch with tips on how to improve our job board ads. I’d recommend it as an easy platform for managing your company’s job adverts."

Rhea Aldrich - European Recruitment

"We have used WaveTrackr for several months now and have found the system extremely useful and saves me and my colleagues a lot of time. The most important point I would like to make is the customer service where we get courtesy calls from Wave often to see if there is anything they can do to help us further. The WaveTrackR team have made a continuous effort to ensure our needs are met"

Katie Bagshaw - Aspire Recruitment

"We have been using WaveTrackR for nearly a year now and it has really streamlined our job posting processes and helped give us visibility for our KPI reporting. We can tailor the posting to certain boards that it will perform better on or if we need to control costs/credits. We really like the hire function and the overall great ease of use. The service offered by the WaveTrackR team is excellent. We would fully recommend WaveTrackR."

Louise Elson, Advance Logistics Support

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