Manage your jobs and applications with WaveTrackR’s integration with Bullhorn CRM

Keeping our clients happy and satisfied will always be at the very top of our priority list. We are delighted to announce a brand new collaboration which is going to add exceptional value to two pieces of software. WaveTrackR will be integrating with the leading CRM Bullhorn, which have proven to be invaluable tools for the recruitment industry.

Dave Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of Wave and is excited about our new integration, “We’ve been working for a while to make sure this integration adds value to both WaveTrackR and Bullhorn users and we’re really pleased with the work – we’re confident this will be of huge benefit to many of our clients.”

Bringing both Bullhorn and WaveTrackR together will not only give more power to you as a recruiter, but it will also combine a wealth of modern tools that will boost your presence online.

How does the integration work?

Your job will be prepared using Bullhorn’s easy to use software. You can then sync your jobs to WaveTrackR where you can select your preferred job boards. On WaveTrackR you will be able to select and shortlist the candidates to your jobs and sync them back to Bullhorn. From this moment they will be sent back to Bullhorn, meaning that there is no need to review your jobs inside WaveTrackR. 
When a candidate has been hired in Bullhorn the stats are automatically updated into WaveTrackR creating a smooth and professional process for all of our clients.
Learn more about the integration or request a demo to see it working.