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Expect more from your multi-poster. WaveTrackR is a recruitment software and an intelligent multi-job posting tool that will advise where, when and what to post. Boost your recruitment power online with data-driven intelligence and see your ROI soar.

Recruitment Software for Recruiters


Where to Post

Knowing the best platform on which to post your jobs in order to gain maximum exposure to top talent will give you a huge advantage. WaveTrackR can provide advice on where the majority of talent is looking and which job boards recruiters are actively securing hires from.


When to Post

Catching candidates when they are actively searching for jobs is key to your job being seen by top talent. WaveTrackR can tell you the day of the week and even the time of day that candidates are most frequently applying for jobs.


What to Post

Content is king. In order to help ensure your job advert is both reaching the candidates you want it to and keeping their attention it is essential that the right job title, keywords and length are established. WaveTrackR can guide you through all of this.

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