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WaveTrackR is an innovative recruitment technology designed and developed by Wave. Established for 20 years, Wave has extensive experience in the recruitment market, offering services to over 400 recruitment companies worldwide.

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Built with staffing agencies and HR corporate businesses in mind, our job board software integrates with a multitude of job boards, both in the UK and internationally. With WaveTrackR, recruiters can post to hundreds of platforms, including social media and career websites, with just a few clicks.

With WaveTrackR, you can analyse the performance of your jobs, create better job adverts and connect with quality candidates. through working closely with and gaining feedback from our clients, we constantly update our technology, making sure that functionality meets everyday users’ needs and is up-to-date with current recruitment trends.

WaveTrackR is an innovative recruitment platform and multi-job posting software used by hundreds of recruiters. It is an essential tool that helps you to attract more talent.

Dave Jenkins, CEO and Founder

Mission, Vision and Goal

Our Mission

Our mission is to help recruitment agencies & in-house recruiters advertise their jobs more efficiently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attract more talent.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver technology that maximises ROI.

Why recruiters use WaveTrackR

Posting Jobs

Multi-job posting is just one of the features that WaveTrackR offers to recruiters. By using WaveTrackR, you can get recommendations on which job board is more likely to bring you more candidates and even where you’re most likely to make hires from.

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Manage Applications

But there is much more what WaveTrackR can offer. With Candidate Management, you’ll be able to track applicants to your jobs, preview and download CVs or manage and rank the right candidates for the role using a traffic light system.

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Measure ROI

WaveTrackR allows you to measure each recruiter individually and your business performance to get a better ROI out of your job board contracts. Through the analytics dashboard, you can see where your budget is being spent and how efficient it is for you company.

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Live Recommendations

Recruiters can track their activities, and through our unique recommendation engine, receive live suggestions and achieve better results.

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Improve candidate sourcing

Using recruitment software allows recruiters to improve their candidates’ sourcing process. With WaveTrackR, you can understand better what candidates are looking for and build a better talent acquisition strategy.

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Independent Data

As an independent recruitment software provider on the market, WaveTrackR is in the unique position of being able to impartially report on current recruitment trends and candidate behaviour.

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Unique Reporting

By collecting anonymous data though our system, we are able to identify trends and patterns within the recruitment industry. We regularly publish our findings in the form of recruitment trends reports, helping recruiters make more informed decisions on how, when and where to post jobs to get better responses and reach more quality candidates.

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