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WaveTrackR is an innovative recruitment technology made by Wave. Established 20 years ago, Wave has extensive experience in the recruitment market, offering services to over 400 recruitment companies worldwide.

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Built with staffing agencies and HR corporate businesses in mind, our job board software integrates with various job boards, both in the UK and internationally. With WaveTrackR, recruiters can post to hundreds of platforms, including social media and career websites, with just a few clicks.
With WaveTrackR, you can analyse the performance of your jobs, create better job adverts and connect with quality candidates. Our technology is constantly being updated through working closely and feedback from our clients, making sure that functionality meets everyday user’s needs and is up-to-date with current recruitment trends.

WaveTrackR is an innovative recruitment platform and multi-job posting software used by hundreds of recruiters. It is an essential tool that helps you to attract more talent.

Dave Jenkins, CEO and Founder

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Our Mission

WaveTrackR’s mission is to help recruitment agencies & in-house recruiters advertise their jobs more efficiently.
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Our Vision

WaveTrackR’s vision is to attract more talent.
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Our Goal

WaveTrackR’s goal is to work closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver technology that maximises ROI.

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