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Coronavirus has changed how the world operates and it has shaken up the jobs market in unprecedented ways. As an independent source for recruitment data and insights we want to make sure you have access to updated information and advice.

Applications rise for third consecutive month

Applications have risen for the third month in a row and, at 137% above the 2020 average, are now higher than the previous record set in October. They have grown fairly steadily since the second week of February but dipped in the final week of March and, encouragingly, have grown at less of a rate than jobs.

Jobs soar to record heights

Following a slight dip in jobs in February, March was an extraordinary month for job postings. At 179% above the 2020 average, jobs grew by more than 50% from the previous month. There has been a steady upwards trajectory from the second week of February, culminating in a steep climb in the final week of March, which recorded figures of 196% over the 2020 average.

Bank of England upgrades UK economic outlook

Following the successful roll-out of the vaccination programme, rapidly falling cases, a stronger than expected January GDP report and planned lockdown easing, the Bank of England stated that its short-term growth forecast would need revising to a higher rate. The governor predicted that the economy will have returned to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year.

“The amount by which jobs have risen in March is incredibly encouraging. It is a sure sign that the continued efficiency and fast pace of the vaccination programme, combined with the successful progress of the roadmap to easing lockdown is bolstering business confidence. As the economy begins to open up once more, businesses are committing to hiring to ensure staffing levels are adequate for reopening.”

Applications rose for the third month in a row, to 137% above the 2020 average.

Jobs soared to a record high of 179% above the 2020 average.

The highest number of jobs posted in March was in the Public Sector (21%).

The highest number of applications received in March was in IT & Internet (17%).

The average number of jobs posted in March was 14.

The highest average number of applications per job was in Finance (61).

The lowest number of applications per job was in Health & Nursing (4).

Most jobs were posted on a Friday but most applications were received on a Wednesday.

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