Data & Analytics

WaveTrackR houses all your recruitment data in one place. Our easy to view dashboards show the comparison of the performances of your job boards and track burn dates, rates and credits remaining, allowing you to intelligently assess your recruitment strategy. Our data analytics including costs, applications, hires and revenue that allow you to see which job board works better for your job adverts.

Recruitment Analytics

See recommendations on where and when to post your job

Our data provides intelligent recommendations on where and when to post your jobs to ensure you receive the highest ROI. Based on the information provided for your job advert, WaveTrackR will advise which job boards are likely to generate the largest number of quality applications. It will also recommend the best day of the week and even time of day to post to help ensure you are getting your jobs in front of candidates while they’re actively searching.

See the performance of your job board contracts

Our easy-to-view graphics comprehensibly display which job boards bring the most applications and the most hires, breaking the data down into different categories and making clear comparisons. Great for budgeting and negotiating.

See which channels your hires are coming from

Find out which job board brings you the most hires and is therefore the most profitable for you. WaveTrackR delivers this information in an easy to understand, visual way so that you can quickly and easily see your ROI.

What you can do


Data-powered recommendations on where, when and what to post.

Application Data

Easy to view analysis of application performance in comparison with jobs or hires.

Hire Data

Track which job boards bring you the most hires and provide the highest ROI.

Burn dates

Keep track of the dates you are likely to run out of credits based on your burn rate.

Burn rates

See the rate at which you are posting jobs on each of your job boards.

Credits remaining

Quickly see how many credits you have remaining on your contracts.

Efficiency Analytics

A visual efficiency report shows you the rate of hires among all applications received.

Track Revenue

Easily track revenue per consultant as well as per job board.

Data-driven job posting