Recruiting Metrics Dashboard

Our easy to view dashboard shows the comparison of your job boards performance and your recruitment strategy. WaveTrackR provides recruitment data analytics including costs, applications, hires and many more that allow you to see which job board works better for your job adverts.

WaveTrackR analytics dashboard

Use WaveTrackR Recommendations to find out which job boards give you the best ROI

The Recommendations feature uses application and hire data from the network to provide you with recommended media to generate the best response and the greatest likelihood of hiring.

Find out which job boards give you the best ROI

See the performance of your job boards

Our unique hiring module allows you to input your hiring information which then correctly allocates to the right media choice. You can then see exactly what job board produces the most hires from each job posting. Great for budgeting and negotiating.

Jobs Posted Stats

Our graph will show you how many jobs you posted on each of your job boards. Simply login to our job distribution software to view your data nicely visualised.

WaveTrackR jobs posted stats image,

Applications Stats

Analyse the performance of your applications in comparison with your posted jobs or hires.

WaveTrackR applications stats image.

Hire Data

Find out which job board is the most profitable for you and brings you the most hires. WaveTrackR has a simplified way of transferring and delivering this information for you.

WaveTrackR hire data stats image.

Efficiency Analysis

Our efficiency report will show you the rate of hires among all applications received. Furthermore, you can view it as the overall picture or go into more details by analysing it by job boards.

WaveTrackR efficiency stats image.

Get access to WaveTrackR’s reports on the recruitment industry

Following recruitment trends and factors influencing the staffing sector will help you to better understand the industry and make more successful decisions in your hiring process. Our reports include insightful analysis about the major job boards performance, jobs posting and applications trends by location, industry and other factors.