CV Search & Talent Pool

Use your CV databases within WaveTrackR to find the right candidates for your jobs. Being able to search through all your databases in one place gives you more control and complete ease of access.

Access all your CV databases through a unique all-in-one recruitment platform

Search through databases on multiple job boards and internally, switching databases with a single click. You’ll find that perfect candidate in no time!

Find skilled candidates
more quickly

An alternative method of using CV Search is through the Job Manager page, which will automatically fill out the fields with specific information from the job.

Build your own pool
of candidates

With CV Search you can start building your own pool of talent, which is especially helpful when recruiting for those jobs that are harder to find candidates for.

What you can do

Select CV database

Select the database you want to search with a single click.

Filter search criteria

Filter the criteria for more accurate results when specific parameters are required.

Quick Search

Quickly search through multiple databases.

Download / save CVs

Choose whether to download the CVs, email them or save them against specific jobs.

Find more candidates