Job multi-posting
and distribution

WaveTrackR is an easy-to-use multi-posting tool which allows you to post jobs quickly to your job boards, website and social media channels. More than that, its data-driven recommendations enable you to make informed decisions about where, when and what to post to ensure you are always attracting top talent. Stay in complete control of your media, utilise WaveTrackR’s knowledge, and maximise your ROI.

Post to multiple
job boards

WaveTrackR will post to multiple job boards, your website and social media channels with the click of a button. Time is saved, knowledge is utilised and you can be sure that you are maximising your job board contracts.

Get recommendations
on where to post

Take the guesswork out of job posting. Fill out the relevant information for your job advert and WaveTrackR will analyse it to recommend the best job boards for your job, based on which are likely to generate the highest number of applications and, ultimately, hires.

Schedule your jobs
for the right time

In order to give yourself the best chance to attract top talent, it is essential know when candidates are actively looking so that you can schedule jobs to post at those times. WaveTrackR can recommend the day of the week and even the time of day that candidates are most frequently looking and applying for jobs.

Jump-start your job advert writing with the help of an AI Assistant

Using AI, WaveTrackR can now write job adverts for recruiters with just a little information given to it. Enter the job role essentials and any extra information provided to you in the brief and the AI Job Advert Assistant will quickly craft an error-free job advert that works with the job board algorithms.

What you can do

Post to job boards

Post jobs simultaneously to hundreds of job boards.

Post to your website

Post jobs and manage applications to your website.

Post to social media

Post and add images to your social media channels.

Schedule jobs

Get jobs out at the time of your choosing.

Change job owners

Reassign one or multiple jobs to a different consultant.

Manage Contracts

Manage all of your contracts from one place.

Manage users

Manage your users and what information they can access.

Allocate credits

Make monthly allocations of your credits to your users.

Improve your job posting