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WaveTrackR is an easy to use job board software allowing users to post jobs quickly to their chosen job boards. You can also post to your website and social media allowing you to make more informed recruitment decisions and stay in complete control of your media.

Easy to use job board software - WaveTrackR

Posting your job is easy!

Our easy to use recruitment platform allows you to post to multiple job boards, your own website and social media channels all in one place.

Get started

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to advertise jobs on job boards! There are a series of fields that you will need to fill out, which include job title, job description, location, job requirements and others. WaveTrackR will analyse this information to recommend the most effective job boards for your job.

Post a job on WaveTrackR

View your recommendations

Our Recommendation system utilises data from previous applications and hires. Therefore, it provides you with updated information about which media is most likely to generate the most applications and more importantly, where you can make hires. You can see WaveTrackR Recommendations when filling out Location, Sector and Salary on the post a job page.

View your recommendations on WaveTrackR

Select your job boards

As well as posting to your job board contracts you also have the option to post to JobsTrackR (our job board), your own website and social media for free.

Post to your job board contracts on WaveTrackR.

Post your job!

When you’re ready you have the option to either save or submit the job. Saving it allows you to come back to the draft later, edit it or send it. As an alternative, you can submit the job which will make it live on your selected job boards.

Post your job on multiple job boards via WaveTrackR.

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