Candidate match star of WaveTrackR’s newly upgraded Bullhorn integration

WaveTrackR’s brand new forward-thinking multi-step process has been designed to ensure nothing is missed in the quest to find qualified candidates.

So what do you get if you combine the power of all-new candidate matching, multi-posting, CV searching WaveTrackR with one of the most popular applicant tracking and CRM systems in the recruitment industry? The perfect solution for your recruitment business. And it just got a 5 star upgrade.

New WaveTrackR means you’ll never miss a candidate again

WaveTrackR has undergone a major transformation to ensure that recruiters never miss a candidate again. Its new step-by-step process ensures every angle is met in the search for quality candidates, from uncovering existing candidates in the Bullhorn database that match your job requirements before you post your job, to drafting better job ads with enhanced AI, to recommendations on where and when to post jobs, to clear distinctions between applications you’ve yet to view and those already viewed and ranked. The process is logical, uncomplicated and ensures you’re doing everything you can in order to seek out talented candidates.

As Wave’s Operations Director, Richard Harris, explains, this has been a natural evolution for WaveTrackR as the race for quality candidates has intensified:

As the majority of recruiters and recruitment agency owners will know, our industry has had to navigate multiple new challenges over the last few years due to the evolution and rapid changes in the workplace. One of those challenges, and perhaps one of the biggest we have faced, has been the shortage of quality candidates.

This has demanded the need for new candidate attraction strategies to help agencies uncover the best talent and quicker, as they compete with the rest of the market for in their hunt for their clients next hire. Harnessing the power of data and analytics, our upgrades to WaveTrackR use data driven recommendations to not only show recruiters where and when to post their job adverts but to help them engage with their existing candidates to maximise the chances of finding the right talent for the right jobs. 

Richard Harris
Wave Operations Director

So what’s new on the Bullhorn integration?

Simplified posting workflow

The upgraded integration now means a far simplified posting workflow, with just one tab for every action. Everything can be done in one place, without moving all over your CRM. The entire process is streamlined, making it quicker and easier to move through the initial candidate attraction phases and find qualified candidates for your jobs.

Automatically searches Bullhorn for matching candidates

As part of the posting process, WaveTrackR will now find and present to you existing candidates from both the Bullhorn database and your WaveTrackR database that match your job requirements before you come to posting your job out. This means that you have the opportunity to assess whether you still want to post to job boards or if you want to contact the relevant candidates you already have first, potentially saving you time and job board credits.

AI-powered job ad drafting

No more staring at a blank screen, waiting for inspiration to hit you. With WaveTrackR’s enhanced AI Job Advert Assistant, you’ll get a kickstart on the writing process, allowing you to go in and edit a written and structured job ad rather than start from scratch. Trained with our best job ad writing practices, it will take the benefits, experience and any additional information you want to add and turn it into an optimised and compelling job ad draft in seconds.

2-way sync

With our smooth sync between WaveTrackR and Bullhorn, you can sync jobs to WaveTrackR to post and then shortlist candidates into Bullhorn – truly marrying the best of both pieces of tech into one awesome integration. WaveTrackR will take your jobs and lead you through the candidate matching and job posting process step-by-step, providing recommendations on where and when to post and allowing you to schedule your job to post at the time most likely to net you the most applications. When those applications come in, you can easily see which you’re yet to look at and which you’ve reviewed and ranked using WaveTrackR’s traffic light ranking system. Shortlisted candidates are then immediately synced back into Bullhorn.

Our latest WaveTrackR update sits inside Bullhorn and it will help recruiters to stay within their CRM. They can source their candidates that are in the Bullhorn database without leaving… they can do it from one screen, from our WaveTrackR integration.

Dave Jenkins
Wave CEO & Founder

Keep only the candidates you want in Bullhorn

All applications come into WaveTrackR, allowing you to easily review each one. When you rank and shortlist your candidates, you can sync only the ones you want to keep (whether that is for the job they applied for or for future opportunities). In this, way WaveTrackR can effectively act as a buffer, preventing any low quality applications from entering your CRM.

Analytics for each job and the ability to sync hires

WaveTrackR analyses the performance of each job, showing how many applications each job board has delivered and whether these were shortlisted in an easy to view format. When a hire is successfully made, you can sync that result with WaveTrackR, which automatically updates the performance of the job boards so that you can see real-time ROI. The performance analytics available to you through WaveTrackR can help you to understand how each job board is performing for you, and how your strategies are working.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Everyone at Wave HQ is hugely proud of WaveTrackR’s newly enhanced Bullhorn integration but don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the pudding or, in this case, in a very happy client:

We have been working with the new WaveTrackR posting form for a few weeks now with the Bullhorn integration. Change is always hard, especially when you get a new job in and you want it dealt with quickly, but this form is very user-friendly and I soon forgot how we did it before! 

It works through the form and pages in a good order allowing you to both search your own databases and any subscribed job boards prior to deciding whether it needs an advertising credit spent.

Everything is pretty idiot-proof! The performance screen has been a real lightbulb for us. We can see which job boards are giving us applicants but more importantly how many of those are actually shortlisted or move forward to interview or placement. This has not only indicated which job boards are producing but also if we change the advert if it makes a difference to the results.

As with the whole WaveTrackR system, we find it has been thought out by people who have actually been recruiters and understand our needs and ways of working. A good enhancement.

Amanda Franks,
MD, Frankly Recruitment

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