How start-ups can use technology to help attract talent

As a recruiter, what is your most important asset (other than your people)? It’s got to be your candidates. Your job is to connect the right talent with the right opportunities and to do that you need to be able to access that talent. That is how you will win jobs and retain clients.

As a start-up this is crucial as reputations are built early. If you become known as the agency to deliver top talent, again and again, clients will return to you and trust you with their jobs. To ensure you find talent consistently, you need an efficient candidate attraction strategy and the tools that will enable you to execute it. We look at the tech you need and why it is crucial for your success as a recruitment start-up.

Data-driven multi-poster

Posting jobs is time-consuming and any time saved is gold when you’re starting up a business with few employees. A multi-poster is, therefore, tech to add to the essentials list. WaveTrackR allows you to post jobs to multiple job boards, your website and your social media channels all from one place. Another huge consideration when starting up a business is budget, which is why a multi-poster that works a little harder for you is key. WaveTrackR also offers data-driven recommendations on where, when and what to post to ensure you find top talent and maximise your budget.    

Analytical tools

Incorporating data and analytics into your multi-poster gives you real-time recommendations on what job boards will yield you a higher ROI for that particular job, what time you should post it in order to reach the highest number of active candidates and what to include in your job advert. It will also give you access to a dashboard that will allow you to compare job board performance, including costs, applications, hires and much more so that you can assess your recruitment strategy with real, quantifiable data. 

Candidate search

You need to find candidates but there are countless different CV databases to search through. The ability to access different databases all from within one piece of tech is a huge time saver. You simply select the database from which you’d like to search, filter by a number of different criteria including keywords, salary, location, job title, sector, etc., view the CVs and then save the selected ones. This part of the recruitment process can be incredibly time-consuming so this is a bit of a lifesaver for start-ups. 

Candidate management system

The ability to track applications and manage candidates once you start getting a response from your posted job is essential in order to stay on top of the recruitment process, keep candidates updated and streamline the entire operation. Tools such as candidate ranking to help you to shortlist, email templates to make it simple to get in touch with candidates, and a tracking system that allows you to make notes and status updates will help to smooth the hiring journey for you and your candidates.

As a start-up, the right tech will help you to streamline the recruitment process, save money, maintain candidate relationships, and take the guesswork out of posting jobs. It will allow you to attract talent from the very beginning. Of course, you will also be keenly aware of tech costs so shop around, compare rates as well as features, and pick the best piece of tech for your needs as a start-up business.  

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