How to use analytics to boost your recruitment power

Over the past decade, we have seen a global explosion in digital information. It’s impossible to get away from it – mobile, TV, digital giants like Google and Apple, all are collecting data on us. In fact, it became so widely (mis)used that it resulted in the introduction in 2018 of GDPR. However, when used ethically and correctly, recruitment analytics can be a powerful recruitment tool.

The collation of big data allows recruiters to see when and where to post jobs and even what to include in the job advert, in turn improving their ROI manifold. It’s a total game-changer when it comes to the way we look, find and recruit candidates. 

From a recruitment perspective, the more recruitment analytics information we can analyse around candidate behaviour, applications and hires, the better we can be at targeting the talent we want to attract. The ability to accurately predict the platform that is most likely to lead to a hire for a specific job increases performance, minimises wasted time and budgets and achieves all that a recruiter seeks to – connecting the right person with the right opportunity. Utilising the power of live data and statistics, recruitment technology can recommend which job board is likely to generate the most applications and what day of the week to post the job. It’s like a crystal ball for recruitment. 

With so many job boards to choose from it can be difficult to know which to invest in. In 2015 Glassdoor posted a blog detailing the steps recruiters should take in selecting the right job board, advising on the research that should be undertaken to find the best job board for the job being posted. Often that relied on intuition and a dose of luck. Back then it was the only way to try and navigate the hundreds of job boards out there but not only was this incredibly time consuming, but it was also fairly ineffective. With today’s technology, data analytics does this for you, enabling you to increase your ROI and save time.  

Data-driven recruitment can be achieved via your multi-poster, which collates and analyses data and immediately turns that into easy to view comparisons of job board performances including costs, applications and hires. WaveTrackR also provides recommendations on the media that will generate the best response and the greatest likelihood of hiring – the Holy Grail. Recruitment analytics data can even pinpoint what should be included in your job adverts. The right word length for a particular role within a particular industry will keep candidates engaged and instil trust. Including top keywords and choosing the right job title will help talent find your job advert in searches, putting your job at the top of their list.  

Utilising data in your recruitment strategy allows for a streamlined approach where nothing is left to guesswork. It allows you to make wiser decisions on the allocation of budgets, track what works and generally improve results across the entirety of the recruitment process. After all, knowledge is power. 

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