How WaveTrackR can help your remote team

With strict social distancing measures in place and the nation on lockdown, the chances are you are reading this while remote from home – your new workplace for the next few months at least.

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into working from home, you have no doubt set up your remote office and fixed any teething issues. Your team is likely settling into the new norm and establishing new routines and ways of working. Video conferencing is a daily occurrence, the workplace app is on fire, and emails and phone calls are constant. We are all using more digital tools than ever before in order to attempt to keep businesses running while teams are scattered in multiple different locations. All those tools have one thing in common – enabling remote teams to carry on working and to do so efficiently. In fact, efficiency is key. With the schools closed, many of us will be working alongside looking after our children so anything that saves time and boosts efficiency is invaluable. And this where talent attraction tool WaveTrackR can help.

During this unprecedented and highly challenging time, with entire industries collapsing and others stretched by extraordinary demand, whole households living and working alongside each other 24/7, and companies deploying their teams remotely whilst taking everything online, we need to utilise every tool we have and maximise the potential of each and every one. Anything that improves efficiency and can be performed online is a win. Our multi-posting job distribution tool helps you and your team to post jobs to multiple job boards with a single click, from one place. It boosts your recruitment power online and provides you with data reports and recommendations without hiring an analyst. Best of all? None of it involves stepping outside your front door or meeting another person. Essential criteria for these unprecedented times.

Post jobs faster to all your channels

Efficiency is everything right now and you can’t get much more efficient in the world of recruitment than a multi-poster. The ability to post jobs to as many platforms as you wish, including multiple job boards, social media and your own website, is a real time-saver. Add in the fact that you can do it all from one place and with no need for multiple logins and it becomes even more efficient.

Get recommendations on which job boards to post

With all the juggling we now have to do, who has time for hours of research into the best job boards for specific jobs and industries? Luckily, WaveTrackR can sort that for you. Once you’ve inputted key information about the job, WaveTrackR will analyse it to recommend the best job board for that role based on data from previous applications and hires. And if you are interrupted by children or distracted by the dog, you have the option to save a draft of your job and come back to it later.

Get in-built analysis and reporting

The one thing you do not want to be doing in challenging times such as these is hiring extra staff to perform functions that could be done digitally. WaveTrackR analyses data so that you don’t have to hire someone, outsource or spend the time doing it yourself. The tool produces wonderfully visual graphs to show how many jobs you have posted on each of your job boards, the performance of your applications in comparison with your posted jobs or hires, which job board brings the most hires and therefore the greatest ROI, and an efficiency analysis reporting on the rate of hires among all applications received. 

Search CVs quickly and easily

Need to quickly and easily search through all your job board CV databases to narrow down candidates? WaveTrackR allows you to do this by clicking the database(s) you want to search, adding filters to make the search more efficient, previewing details of the selected candidates’ CVs to check for best fit, and then downloading or emailing them. This way you can also build your own pool of candidates for harder to fill positions. 

Manage all your candidate applications

Your candidates also need reassurance at this difficult time so communication is vital. WaveTrackR’s candidate management and applicant tracking system allows you to easily manage the recruitment process from application to hire by offering a ranking system and the ability to add notes and status updates to keep on track of where you are – and therefore also where the candidate stands. Our email templates speed up communication by making it easy to keep in touch with candidates. We are also integrated with Bullhorn, one of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems on the market, to make things even easier for you.

Ease, efficiency, and the ability to manage the recruitment process from one online platform are balm for the recruiter’s soul in these difficult times. Make things easy for yourself and your remote team and boost your recruitment power with a helpful hand from WaveTrackR. 

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