Introducing Candidate Management: Manage your whole recruitment process

Keeping track of all the applications to your jobs is a vital part of any agency’s recruitment process.

With the new Candidate Management feature on WaveTrackR, you can now keep control of the whole candidate sourcing process, from posting a job all through to making a hire. See all applications to your jobs, rank your candidates or make notes. Additionally, you can use our individual or bulk emailing system to get in touch with applicants.

See everyone that applied for your job

On the Candidates’ page, you can easily see an overview of all the candidates to your jobs and you can download their CVs and make use of all the features that come with Candidate Management.

Rank candidates with our traffic light system

WaveTrackR’s Traffic Light System is the quickest way to rank candidates. Once you have ranked them, you will immediately be able to see which candidates should advance to the next stage and which ones shouldn’t.

Make notes and update the status of your candidates

Keep track of all your candidates through the Notes and Status features. With Status updates, you can follow each candidate’s progress through your recruitment pipeline. Notes are an easy way of keeping up to date with candidates’ information.

Contact candidates with email templates

WaveTrackR’s built-in Email Templates are the quickest way to get in touch with candidates. There are three email templates to choose from to use for each candidate, or you can bulk message multiple candidates at the same time.

Candidate Management is available for all WaveTrackR users who can get access at an added cost. Talk to your account manager for a demo and to know more.

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