Introducing WaveTrackR v3.0

Over the past year, the team have been busy building brand new features into WaveTrackR, making it easier than ever for recruiters to attract more talent to their vacancies.

The new version of WaveTrackR builds on its powerful recommendations engine, making those recommendations more accurate than ever, as well as adding a new type of recommendation for best times to post. Our CV Search capabilities have also been amplified with advanced filtering and Internal Talent Pool. Plus, our new integration with Bullhorn makes it easier than ever to use your CRM and multi-poster together.

What’s new in WaveTrackR?

Improved CV Search

WaveTrackR’s CV Search now works harder for you than ever. With our improved search, it is now possible to refine and filter your results to find the perfect candidate. You can search on all your job board contracts* and also your Internal Talent Pool, built from applications to past jobs. 

Found a candidate you’re interested in? Quickly preview the CV without the need to download it.

WaveTrackR CV Search CV Preview

AI-Powered Recommendations

We’ve been working hard to make our recommendations smarter and more accurate. The new recommendation engine makes use of AI to provide the best recommendations possible. It’s now even simpler to know which job boards are more effective for you, bringing you the most applications and hires.

WaveTrackR Job Board Recommendations

Job Scheduling & Time Recommendations

Now it’s easier than ever to control when your jobs are posted. Our scheduler enables you to choose the best times to post, leaving you with more time to engage with candidates. 

Our recommendations engine, powered by live data, displays what days and times candidates are more active, meaning that you can get an advert in front of them at the right time.

WaveTrackR Scheduler and Time to Post Recommendations

Improved Job Posting & Management

We know that posting jobs effectively is crucial for a recruiter, so we have integrated with dozens of new job boards. In addition, if you are posting jobs on international boards you can now display salaries in multiple currencies.

When it comes to social media publishing we are fully aware that images speak louder than words, so you will now be able to attach an image to your social post when posting from WaveTrackR.

If the board supports multiple attachments (cover letters, portfolios, etc.), you can now easily view them when screening applications by utilising our built-in CV Preview. By removing the need to download the files, previewing these attachments couldn’t be easier.

We’ve also added the ability to change a job owner, making it simple to reassign one or multiple jobs to a different consultant so that they can manage and receive applications for that posting.

WaveTrackR Post Images to Social Media


If your career site is the main hub for all your candidates we have you covered. As part of our updates, we have worked hard to build a seamless integration for websites. When posting a job through WaveTrackR you can now choose Direct URL as the application method, meaning that applications on job boards get redirected to your website application page.

Our new Bullhorn integration makes it easier than ever to use the two technologies together. Sitting inside Bullhorn it is now a breeze to post jobs alongside managing and shortlisting all your candidates.

WaveTrackR Integration with Bullhorn

WaveTrackR v3.0 has streamlined the entire candidate acquirement process, making it easier than ever for you to attract the right talent for the right job.

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