Recruitment Trends Report: Annual Overview 2019

2018 was a good year in the UK for jobseekers. According to official statistics, the employment rate reached 75.7%, which is the highest figure recorded to date. It was also a year which saw the lowest unemployment rate of 4% and the highest average salary increase since 2008. These recruitment trends are a sign of good news for those who were looking for new job opportunities.

Although 2018 was a positive year for candidates, recruiters faced a different story, encountering many challenges with finding the right talent for their roles. A decrease in the number of received CVs, the skills shortage, Brexit and decreasing migration of people from the EU were just some of the issues that affected the recruitment industry.

Recruitment trends report showing job posting and applications

With the start of a new year in 2019, we look back at data from the whole year to review and gain insight into the employment situation in the UK. We also look at stats from Wave’s job distribution tool, WaveTrackR, to check the latest tendency for job posting and applications as well as investigating other aspects which might be helpful for recruiters in making their job advertising more efficient.

With this exclusive data, we produce this recruitment trends report which gives a unique insight into the state of the recruitment market and exclusive data recruiters can use to improve their job posting and start attracting more talent.

What you can find on the recruitment trends report:

  • The UK employment market overview;
  • Job posting and applications trend;
  • Job distribution by industry, region and platform;
  • Recommendations on advert length;
  • Best times for posting jobs.

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Recruitment Trends report showing distribution over time

2020 Recruitment Trends Report

WaveTrackr’s new recruitment trends report is now live on our website. You can see how 2019 and 2020 compare by downloading the report.

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