Recruitment Trends Report: Quarter 1 2019

The Recruitment Industry is facing challenges across the globe, with the current skills shortage not just in the UK but also globally. Our new recruitment trends report looks into how it’s affecting the jobs market.

Over the last five years, the unemployment rate in the UK has been decreasing for both men and women. The latest statistics show that currently, unemployment is down to 3.9%, the lowest since 1975 (source: ONS). According to US economists, as of December last year, there were 7 million jobs in the US market and only 6 million unemployed people (source:

This is an indication of a global struggle within the staffing industry. Recruiters are struggling to find candidates to fill their positions and more than ever there is a need to adjust to smarter talent acquisition strategies.

However, what all recruiters will have in common is the way of looking at the staffing changes over the last few years. The classic way of recruitment based on intuition and personal experience isn’t as effective in today’s market. The rise of analytical software is helping recruiters measure the real performance of their recruitment strategies. Recruitment trends are something recruiters are starting to pay more attention to.

The ‘data-driven’ approach of modern recruiters is enabling them to improve candidate and client engagement at every touch point. With more recruiters using data and statistical analysis, companies are able to get better and more informed results from their investment and ultimately save money in the long term.

In this report, recruiters can understand the current recruitment situation in the UK and observe the trend for job posting and applications over the last 12 months. We also look further into the distribution per industry and even recommendations on job advert copy, with a special focus on job advert titles and best practices.

What you can find on the report:

  • Job Posting & Applications Trend;
  • Average Applications per Job;
  • Average Applications by Industry;
  • The Job Title Length vs Applications;
  • Job Titles Performance & Percentage of Jobs;
  • Most Used Keywords in Job Titles.

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