Uncover recruitment industry insights in WaveTrackR’s 2020 Annual Report

2019 was a tale of two halves, with jobseekers enjoying the joint-highest employment rate since records began and a decrease in unemployment to just 3.8% but recruiters facing yet another year of uncertainty. Two missed Brexit deadlines and an unprecedented December General Election led to a huge dip in employer confidence in both the economy and hiring success.    

As we stride into 2020 we look back on what 2019 meant for the recruitment industry and the UK employment market as a whole. In WaveTrackR’s much-anticipated Annual Report, forged from data taken from its in-built, real-time analytics, we investigate what did and didn’t work for recruiters and look ahead to what might be in store over the year to come. We have analysed recruitment data from our multi-posting job distribution software and compiled it into an easy-to-read report that uncovers industry trends and factors influencing jobs posted and applications received from candidates.

What will you uncover?

  • The time of year candidates most actively search for jobs. Hint: think new year, new beginnings.
  • The day of the week candidates most often apply for jobs. Hint: don’t leave it until the end of the week.
  • The preferred average length for job adverts. Hint: not too short, not too long.
  • The keywords candidates are most often typing when looking for jobs. Hint: think flexibly.
  • The platform on which most jobs are posted. Hint: it has long been the dominant choice for job posts.
  • The industries posting the highest number of jobs and those receiving the greatest percentage of applications. Hint: these industries are growing thanks to our increasingly global community, digital consumer society and advances in tech.
  • The key trends in your particular industry in our industry overviews. Hint: you may be surprised with what you uncover.

How recruitment industry insights can help attract talent

Taking the trends revealed by WaveTrackR’s Annual Report into consideration can help recruiters form their recruitment strategies. Noting patterns in behaviour can be of tremendous value to recruiters when scheduling job posts and effectively managing budgets in order to attract the right talent and see the greatest ROI. Tailoring adverts in terms of content and length, plus knowing where and when to post them, should form an essential part of every recruiter’s talent acquisition strategy.

Ready to dive into the key trends in the recruitment industry and discover how to make your recruitment strategies work for you?

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