WaveTrackR excited to announce Bullhorn partnership

It has been 18 months since we initially announced our integration with Bullhorn, since then we’ve been working hard to make this as seamless as possible. Today, we are incredibly excited to share the news that WaveTrackR is now officially a Bullhorn partner, taking our collaboration with the world-leading CRM to a new level.

Bullhorn is one of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems within the staffing industry. Combine that with WaveTrackR and you’ve got the perfect solution for your recruitment business. The integration allows you to manage your entire recruitment workflow in one place, providing you with a CRM and multi-posting job tool all in one. There’s no switching between the two, you can post vacancies to multiple job boards, social media or your recruitment website and source candidates from the same recruitment software. 

Best of all, you can utilise WaveTrackR’s data-powered recommendations to see which job board is more likely to net you applications and hires all while using the bullhorn interface to create, view and manage your jobs. The integration is seamless, provides you with a wealth of innovative tools to boost your presence online, and ensures you save valuable time by enabling you to do it all from a single system.

We are proud to be identified and classified as a Bullhorn Marketplace Partner, having passed a number of stringent criteria. You can be assured that using WaveTrackR through Bullhorn is utterly straightforward and maximises user efficiency. WaveTrackR’s partnership with Bullhorn enables you to create a more powerful tech stack that matches your business’ individual needs and strategies. One system, one goal: connecting talent with opportunities. 

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