WaveTrackR excited to announce Vincere integration

WaveTrackR is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Vincere, one of the leading CRM/ATS platforms specifically designed for recruitment and staffing agencies. WaveTrackR’s integration means that recruiters can utilise the multi-posting and analytical power of WaveTrackR right from within their Vincere account.

One platform, no switching between accounts, double the recruitment power. It’s a time-efficient, cost-effective solution that will help recruiters to attract more talent.

What can WaveTrackR do?

WaveTrackR is a recruitment platform and an intelligent multi-posting tool that will advise where, when and what to post. With WaveTrackR you can post your job adverts to any job board, your website and all your social media accounts. To help to ensure you achieve the greatest possible ROI, WaveTrackR’s AI-powered recommendation engine can tell you which boards you can expect to receive more applications from and where you are most likely to make a hire. WaveTrackR’s time recommendations can tell you what days and times candidates are actively applying for jobs similar to yours, enabling you to schedule your jobs for the times they are most likely to be searching.

What can Vincere do?

Vincere is an all-in-one platform that offers a suite of modules built specifically for recruitment and staffing agencies to help manage the entirety of recruitment operations. Included is:

  • Vincere Core (CRM/ATS) – Vincere’s Applicant Tracking System gives you a unified view of all recruitment activity and a consultant pipeline that provides visibility, accountability and drives execution. It offers everything you need to help manage every stage of the recruitment process, including an industry-leading search tool, the ability to add new LinkedIn candidate details to your database with one click, email & calendar sync, and an efficient way to spec out candidates to clients. It smooths out inefficient recruiter workflows, simplifying the entire recruitment process. 
  • Engage – job, client and candidate portals, plus onboarding module. 
  • Intelligence – AI, analytics and custom dashboard. 
  • Pay & Bill – temp, contract, online timesheets, middle and back office.
  • Vincere Comms – omni-channel chat collaboration and communication hub. 

The power of WaveTrackR and Vincere together     

Sometimes 2 is better than 1, especially when they work so well together. With WaveTrackR & Vincere you can…

  • Manage your job details, adverts and candidates from one central location.
  • Attract more talent by getting your jobs in the right place at the right time.
  • Get your applications straight back to your jobs.
  • Streamline the recruitment process from job post to hire.      

“It’s an integration that just makes sense,” says Dave Jenkins, Wave CEO. “WaveTrackR sits so seamlessly within Vincere that you wouldn’t know when using them that they weren’t a single piece of software. It will add value to both WaveTrackR and Vincere users and be hugely beneficial to many of our clients.”

The WaveTrackR team are always looking for ways to improve the recruitment experience and this integration does just that. This is the recruitment process you know but simplified, made more efficient and entirely intuitive. 

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