WaveTrackR Recruitment Trends Report 2021: How the industry has fared in a year like no other

Never could any of us have predicted a year like 2020. The restrictions necessitated by Covid-19 have had disastrous effects on the economy and the job market. Entire industries were forced to close several times as the government responded to fluctuations in cases, negotiating a balancing act between saving lives and livelihoods.

It has been a year that has seen record redundancies, rising unemployment and catastrophic impacts on a number of industries. The way we work has been irrevocably changed, as well as the way we recruit. Brexit, too, has impacted the economy, from uncertainty causing a delay in hiring, to the hit to the economy that is likely to grow more apparent in 2021. The twin disruptions of Covid-19 and Brexit have been a perfect storm, only one of which was forecast.

As we forge ahead into 2021, the storm seems to be abating – the government has outlined the roadmap to easing lockdown, the vaccination rollout is continuing at pace and the Budget has revealed that support for individuals and industries hit the hardest will not be pulled and will, in some areas, be increased. Now seems to be the right time to look back at the year the world was turned upside down and assess the impact it has had on the job market as a whole, on recruitment, and on specific industries. For this is unlike any other financial crisis we have ever seen. Covid-19 has been unique not only in the way that it immediately shut down the economy but also in the way it has affected industries in vastly different ways. Some have been decimated, others have boomed. 

Weekly Trend for Jobs and Application over 2020
Weekly Trend for Jobs & Applications for 2020 ā€“ WaveTrackR Annual Report 2021

To get a broader view as well as industry-specific intel, we have compiled a bumper edition of our annual WaveTrackR report, uncovering recruitment industry insights from a year like no other. Forged from data taken from its in-built, real-time analytics, our report reveals industry trends and factors influencing jobs posted and applications received. Some trends are heavily pandemic influenced and may be short-lived, others represent permanent changes in behaviour and technology, and others still remain unchanged year after year.

What will you uncover?

Key trends

  • Insights on the state of the economy,  the job market and the recruitment industry
  • The day of the week candidates most often apply for jobs
  • The platform on which most jobs are posted
  • The industries posting the highest number of jobs and those receiving the majority percentage of applications
  • The average number of applications per job, per industry
  • Industry growth over 2020
  • Key trends in your sector with our industry overviews

Understanding key trends in your sector and the recruitment industry as a whole will help you make knowledgeable decisions about your recruitment strategy and increase your ROI when it comes to when, where and what to post. It will also help to establish your position as a thought leader in your industry and as a recruitment partner rather than just a talent supplier for your clients.

Ready to uncover key trends and industry insights that will govern the recruitment landscape now and in the months to come?

Recruitment Trends: The Lockdown Report

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