WaveTrackR slashes candidate sourcing time with launch of newly expanded CV Search

Time. It’s a recruiter’s most precious commodity. Recruitment is a fast-paced industry and anything that makes the process more efficient, helping recruiters get their jobs in front of candidates faster and source candidates more quickly, is a winner.

WaveTrackR’s newly launched CV Search allows recruiters to bypass traditional job advertising routes and directly access talented candidates that are suitable for that role. By sourcing CVs from job board databases as well as a recruiter’s own internal database, all from one central location, it gifts recruiters with that valuable resource – time.

The problem CV Search seeks to solve

Primarily, CV Search aims to slash the time spent in the early stages of the recruitment process. It reduces the time taken to get jobs in front of candidates and saves time wasted on managing applications from candidates unsuitable for the role. Most importantly –  and this is where WaveTrackR’s new CV Search differs – it saves recruiters the time and resources spent searching the databases of different job boards one by one. By allowing recruiters to search from a range of job board databases and their own internal database from one platform, CV Search reduces the stress on recruiter time resulting from sourcing CVs from each job board individually.

How does CV Search work?

Recruiters access CV Search through their WaveTrackR interface. Using the job specification and candidate profile, the recruiter enters the search criteria from a comprehensive list of drop-down boxes, by keywords or by job title. They can then do one or both of the following:

  1. Candidate Search – Search their internal database for CVs from candidates who have previously applied for jobs via WaveTrackR.
  2. Job Board Search – Using CV Search credits already purchased from suitable job boards, CVs can be retrieved from the selected job board databases and stored within a recruiter’s own database within WaveTrackR.

All available job board CV Searches, including the internal Candidate CV Search, are grouped together and simply need to be ticked according to the recruiter preference. And that’s it – enter search criteria, select job boards, press ‘search’. All candidate CVs from the selected databases that match the specifications will be brought up and recruiters can preview, download, email, or save them against a specific job. Recruiters can also set up watchdogs for searches if it is a regular search.

When might recruiters need CV Search?

  • Urgent jobs – when time is short as a role needs filling urgently, sourcing suitable candidates directly is more time effective.
  • Hard to fill roles – CV Search allows recruiters to attract passive candidates that may be perfect for that hard-to-fill role but aren’t currently looking so won’t see your job ad.
  • When discretion is key – when it’s not possible to advertise a role, CV Search offers a discrete option for sourcing candidates.
  • For a more rounded recruitment strategy – CV Search doesn’t have to be used in isolation, it can be a valuable way to complement your existing recruitment tactics.

Key features

  • Select all databases from 1 location – no need to search individual job board CV databases. Both job board CV databases and a recruiter’s own database can be selected using CV Search within WaveTrackR.
  • Filter by search criteria – recruiters can filter their search by a number of criteria, including (but not limited to) radius, city or postcode, country, region, salary range, sector, contract type, job type, education level, candidate registration date, and languages spoken.
  • Filter by keyword – recruiters can filter their search by one or more keywords and specify whether those keywords are taken from just the job title or across the entirety of the CV.
  • Filter by job – recruiters can filter by job title.
  • Save CVs sourced from job board databases to internal database – using job board CV Search credits, recruiters can save suitable CVs to their internal WaveTrackR database, whether to be used for a specific job or to be saved for future jobs.
  • Set up watchdogs – for frequent searches it’s useful to be able to save a search and set up a watchdog. Users can set up 5 watchdogs, whereby notifications will alert them of any changes to the results.

In a competitive market, time is everything. The quicker a recruiter can post jobs to the right job boards, the quicker they will receive applications from talented candidates, the quicker they can start talking to those candidates. The more time spent at any point in the process, the more likely it is that a candidate will start talking to a competitor and the greater the likelihood a recruiter will have lost out on a great match for their job.

WaveTrackR’s number one goal is to facilitate a quick and easy job posting and application management process, maximising a recruiter’s chance of reaching talented candidates. Everything we do, all of our innovations and updates to WaveTrackR, serve to further this goal. And that is how CV Search was born. Speed is essential in recruitment and that is exactly what WaveTrackR’s newly expanded CV Search provides recruiters with.

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