A financial crisis means our apathy to change has to change: Why you should review and compare your tech

Imagine this scenario. You are presented with the possibility of changing your car. The alternative offers similar features and benefits, plus some extras, and you agree that it looks great. The only major difference is that the one you own is more expensive to run and maintain than the other. Which would you choose?

The obvious answer would be the version that offers greater value for money, the alternative. It’s a no-brainer, surely. But it is amazing how many, in a real-life scenario in another context, opt for the more expensive product. Why? Because it’s the one they’re used to. It’s comfortable. They don’t have to change. It happens frequently with banks and utility companies, amongst other organisations and products. And it has a name – apathy to change.

But with coronavirus inducing a financial crisis on a level that we still cannot be sure of, that may all be about to change. Now could be the dawn of a new era of ‘review and compare’ being the new norm.

In some industries review and compare is already standard. Comparison websites are common in retail and travel. Many wouldn’t think of booking a flight if they haven’t checked which airline is cheapest on a particular date. Who buys an electrical item these days without first checking a comparison site to see which brand and shop offers the best value? Everybody likes to know that what they’re buying offers value for money. But we can be surprisingly apathetic when it comes to household bills – when was the last time you changed your energy or broadband provider?

The reason for this is largely the perceived hassle such an endeavour brings by the time taken to research and then changing contracts and setups. This is often the case with business software – there may very well be alternative products that offer the same (or even better) features and benefits for less money but whilst a company is doing well they don’t see a reason to change. 

This is of course completely understandable. It is something we are all guilty of and for good reason in normal times, especially when it comes to tech. Changing the tech your business uses isn’t as simple as buying a new TV or exchanging your car. New tech involves implementation, possible downtime, training, and dealing with teething issues. And why fix something that isn’t broken? But something has broken and these are not normal times. The pandemic has caused enormous damage to our economy and it is anything but business as usual.

The financial impact of Covid-19 has meant that many businesses are having to tighten their belts, not least those in the recruitment industry. We’ll all be looking for ways in which we can save money and it, therefore, makes sense to review our tech to see where savings can be made. If there’s a product out there that’s less expensive but is at least as good as the one you’re using, now is the time to consider switching. Take WaveTrackR, for example. Our industry-leading multi-posting recruitment software offers real-time data-powered recommendations, a fast and easy-to-use interface and, crucially, an industry-beating price.

Not only are businesses needing to review their expenditure, the lockdown has also meant that many are less busy than in pre-Coronavirus times and therefore have the time to review their existing tech. A previous apathy to change was often caused largely by lack of time – a busy business won’t prioritise reviewing their current tech. Now is the time to make reviewing, comparing and possibly changing your tech a priority so that you can save money and come out the other side with leaner outgoings but outstanding products to help you to not just survive but thrive. Review, compare and make positive changes for now and for the future.

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