Sync jobs and candidates using the Bullhorn integration

WaveTrackR is integrated with Bullhorn, one of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems within the staffing industry. Combined with WaveTrackR, it’s the perfect solution for your recruitment business.

What can you do with Bullhorn and WaveTrackR

WaveTrackR’s integration with Bullhorn makes it easier than ever to use the two technologies together.
Sitting inside Bullhorn, it is now a breeze to post jobs and search CVs alongside managing and shortlisting candidates.

Uncover candidates from
Bullhorn that match your jobs

Post Jobs via WaveTrackR

Post jobs to job boards,
website and social media

Recruitment Analytics on WaveTrackR

Receive recommendations
on where to post

Manage and shortlist
your candidates

Uncover candidates in Bullhorn before you even post your job

WaveTrackR automatically brings up any CVs in your Bullhorn database that match your job requirements, allowing you to preview potential candidates for your job before you post it out.

Manage your entire recruitment workflow in one place

You can post vacancies to multiple job boards, social media or your recruitment website, plus source and manage candidates from within the same software.

See the Bullhorn integration in action

By managing your jobs and candidates in one place, you can attract talented candidates more quickly.

How to use WaveTrackR in Bullhorn

If you are already familiar with the Bullhorn interface, you will find the job posting feature very easy to use. Here’s a 10 step process:

  1. Create your job in Bullhorn as usual.
  2. Uncover candidates from your database that match your job.
  3. View recommendations to see which which job board to post to.
  4. Use the AI Assistant to help draft your job advert copy.
  5. Post a vacancy to multiple job boards, social media and your website.
  6. View a job’s details, status and performance.
  7. Get applications to Bullhorn within seconds.
  8. View applications and rank candidates using a traffic light system.
  9. View all your shortlisted candidates, preview and download CV.
  10. Save time by doing it all from one system.

Bullhorn CRM

Providing cloud-based CRM and operations solutions for the recruitment industry, Bullhorn is at the very centre of this industry. Not only does its automated data capture and customer insight technology help companies to engage candidates, but it also allows them to win customers.

There are currently over 8000 companies who rely on Bullhorn as a platform to help increase sales, improve service delivery and streamline operations.

Throughout its global offices, Bullhorn employs more than 700 people.
Bullhorn’s dedication to design and development has been a key part of this new integration. Not only has it allowed the collaboration to be driven forward, it has also made them a competitive force to be reckoned with in the recruitment industry. Changing lives for the better is what Bullhorn has and always will be about.

About the integration

Bringing both Bullhorn and WaveTrackR together will not only give more power to you as a recruiter, but it will also combine a wealth of innovative tools that will boost your presence online.

  • Create your job on Bullhorn and use WaveTrackR to post jobs.
  • Uncover candidates from Bullhorn before you post.
  • See recommendations on where to post.
  • See recommendations on when to post.
  • Search CV databases.
  • See job board performance.
  • Easily view, rank and shortlist all your candidates within Bullhorn.

Never miss a candidate with WaveTrackR & Bullhorn