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A perfect recruitment software combination. Have your website and multi-posting needs through one seamless platform.

RecWebs is a part of one of the products Wave has to offer for recruiters to attract more talent to their business. The platform is based on a SaaS model, providing results driven, high-end designed recruitment websites at an affordable cost.

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About RecWebs

As well as WaveTrackR, Wave developed RecWebs; a website design and development product. With over 20 years of experience working with recruiters, we put our knowledge and understanding of attracting talent into a service that provides feature-rich recruitment sites to attract the right talent and convert visits into applications.

About the partnership

As part of RecWebs, we offer WaveTrackR’s essential package, which means there is no added cost to have a job distribution tool with up to 4 users, as well as a fully serviced website.

Did you find out about RecWebs through this page?

Reference ‘WaveTrackR’ to us when you get in contact and we will offer you 10% off the setup fee.

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