Recruitment Software for
In-house Recruitment

As an in-house recruiter, having a strong employer brand identity is a necessity in today’s competitive market. With WaveTrackR you can maximise the efficiency of your budget by making data-driven decisions on where to post your next job offer.

Recruitment Software for Recruiters

Post to your career site and all your integrated job boards

Your career website is at the centre of your employer branding strategy. With WaveTrackR you can easily integrate and post all job adverts to your website. You can also direct all applications to the website by posting to your social media channels and selected job boards.

Get recommendations on which job boards bring you the best ROI

Knowing which job board contracts are most effective is key to maximising your budget and long-term recruitment strategy. With our live Recommendation Engine you can see which of your your job boards can bring you the most applications and even which ones you have better chances of making a hire from.

Integrate with your CRM
and ATS systems

When it comes to managing multiple applications, it’s vital that there is seamless synchronisation between your job distribution tool, CRM and ATS Systems. With WaveTrackR you’ll never miss out on an application and you can manage the recruitment and selection process more efficiently.

See all your results and analytics from one central place

The key to managing your recruitment budget is to know which channels you are spending the most on and which are bringing you the best results. Our live data statistics can provide valuable insight into how your job board contracts are performing.

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