Brand new WaveTrackR features make candidate management a breeze

We think WaveTrackR is pretty great. But we are never ones to rest on our laurels here so the team are constantly busy developing additions that will further improve the functionality of WaveTrackR – making managing the entire process from job post to applications to hire that much easier. 

Now more than ever, anything that makes a recruiter’s job simpler is vital. With a fight for jobs and a soaring influx of applications to manage, it is essential to have the right tech to ensure the candidate experience remains positive and nothing gets missed. Our extra features, from bulk CV download to a traffic light candidate management system, will help you to stay on your A-game. Here’s what’s new:

  • Bulk CV download – one of our brilliant new time-saving features, recruiters can now download more than one CV at a time simply by ticking the relevant boxes.
  • Pagination and search – you now have full control over how you retrieve search results, setting the number of items you want to view per page.
  • Email template signature automation – now, no matter how many users you may have, when a recruiter sends an email via the template their name will be automatically added at the footer, as well as the company name. 
  • Reassign jobs email address change – when jobs are reassigned to another user, it is now possible to simply and immediately amend the email address to the new user’s so that they will receive any applications for that job.
  • Candidate traffic light ranking – we’ve made it easier to rank and sort candidates via our traffic light system so if, for example, you want to just see ‘green’ candidates, you simply need to check that box. 
  • Revenue tracker – our easy tick box system allows recruiters to track revenue they have brought in by marking the hires they have made. There is now also the ability to track revenue by job board, making it easier to analyse your ROI.

These features further simplify the hiring process, adding to the list of time and money-saving tools that WaveTrackR has in abundance. With applications soaring (WaveTrackR data recorded an increase of over 100% in August from the March-June figures) an effective candidate management system is essential to keep on top of applications and maintain a positive experience for all. Our intelligent, data-driven multi-poster will help you do just that, whilst simultaneously ensuring that you find the right talent for the right opportunities. 

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