Uncover your recruitment data with our new Analytics Dashboard

Data is important. Recruitment data has never been more important than today.

This is why we’ve been working to improve the way WaveTrackR clients can best access their recruitment data and start improving their job posting

The new WaveTrackR Recruitment Analytics Dashboard brings job posting, application and hire data, all in one place. Want to find out how many jobs you’ve posted last month, last week, yesterday? How many applications to your jobs or how many hires you’ve made? Want to find out what the cost for these was? Which channels did they come from? 

All of this information is now accessible at the click of a button.

But it doesn’t stop there. Want to know which days, or which times you’re more active? And compare this to the times and days your applications are coming in? Or maybe you want to know which job boards bring you the most applications? Or what your most popular jobs are?

Primary users can also find out which consultants are making the most revenue or even what job boards bring the most money.

Your job posting activity at a glance:

With the new Analytics Dashboard, you can see how many jobs, applications and hires you’ve made within a specified time range. Our data will also show cost per job, per application and hire, revealing your true ROI.

Our familiar pie charts will also reveal which channels (job boards, your website or social media) these jobs, applications and hires are coming from. And you can even see which of the jobs you posted have been more successful with jobseekers.

Screenshot of recruitment data on best days and times to post job adverts
Get in-depth information about your job posting with popular jobs and best days and times

When and where you should post your jobs:

We recently introduce Time Recommendations with our job posting scheduler. On the new dashboard, you’ll be able to see the power of these recommendations win full swing. Our recruitment data will reveal what days, and what times of the day, you’ve posted your jobs. In return, you will be able to compare with what days and times you are receiving applications.

Knowing this information can enable you to make better decisions about when you should be posting your job adverts.

Which team members and job boards bring the most revenue:

Primary users can access, not only their data but also the data of the whole team, giving a more holistic view about their performance.

You will also be able to follow the individual performance of your team by tracking the revenue generated by each posting. Or even which job boards are generating the most money for you. Start adding your hire and revenue data and keep on top of your consultant’s performance.

For a recruiter, being informed about the performance of their job posting can make all the difference to attract more talent. For a recruitment manager, knowing which channels bring the most applications, hires and revenue means you know where your budget is more wisely invested.

The new Analytics Dashboard brings the knowledge of your recruitment data to you and it’s now available to all WaveTrackR users.

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